Diary / 3-A Sanitary article

Diary industry 3A-Sanitary industry โอริงขาวดำ
Diary industry 3A-Sanitary industry โอริงขาวดำ
3-A Standard 18-03 for Rubber Seal Materials.

Standard 18-03 “3-A Sanitary Standards for multiple-use rubber and rubberlike materials used as product contact surfaces in dairy equipment” defines requirements for food quality materials that must also be suitable for cleaning and sanitising solutions.

All PPE’s 3-A Sanitary Standards compliant elastomers are FDAcompliant to FDA CFR21.177.2600, resistant to steam sterilisation, milk fat and water, acid and alkali cleaning solutions and chlorine sanitising solution.

The PPE elastomers meeting the 3-A standard include fluorocarbon, silicone, EPDM and nitrile, allowing manufacturers to select the most appropriate elastomer to temperature, chemical and physical performance criteria.

The key criteria are :
  • FDA compliance (to FDA CFR21.177.2600)
  • Resistance to steam sterilisation.
  • Resistance to milk fat and water.
  • Minimum heat ageing properties.
  • Minimum physical properties (tensile strength and elongation at break).
  • Resistance to acid, alkali cleaning solutions
  • Resistance to chlorine sanitising solution.



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