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UTEX Style 242 Spiral Unitized Packing Sets have been developed as an innovative concept in braided packing sets for use in all reciprocating equipment. Style 242 is made of pure aramid yarns interbraided with a stabilizing core. This unitized set of packings will not separate during storage or installation. The unique spiral unit eliminates the conventional leak path found in multiple ring die-formed sets and retards leakage even when the pump is idle. It is installed as a solid unit and can be used alone or in conjunction with spacers, wear rings or other items normally supplied with conventional die-formed sets.

Used in conjunction with our patented o-ring spring energizer.The Style 242 spiral unitized packing sets are completely non-adjustable thereby eliminating costly maintenance time.

Note : Style 242 is not available in bulk form.


Max Pressure - psi bar kg/cm2 NA 4000/276/281 NA
Temp - ºF/ºC NA 0ºto+500ºF
pH Range

NA 3 to 10

Max Speed - fpm (mps) NA 600(3) NA


UTEX Style 242 is suitable for mild chemicals, oils, mild caustics, hydrocarbons, aromatic and aliphatic solvents, salt solutions, and abrasive services.

Style 242 is recommended for all reciprocation applications and is usually furnished as an endless spiral slug used in conjunction with an elastomeric spring.



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