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Sealing Solutions through innovation
  • High temperature stability
  • Ultimate chemical resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • FDA, USP Class VI & 3A compliant
  • O-rings & custom parts
  • Quality assured to ISO9001 & AS9100

Sealing technology is becoming a more critical part of engine development and is often a limiting factor in engine performance.Perlast® for Food & Pharmaceutical Applications Precision Polymer Engineering was early to recognise the limitations of traditional sealing materials in the pharmaceutical, food and biochemistry industries. There is an increasing demand for FDA-compliant, chemically resistant seals for use in high temperature processing, aggressive media or in practices such as Clean in Place (CIP) and Steam in Place (SIP).

Three Perlast® grades enable perfluoroelastomers to be used in a wide range of applications ranging from standard sized O-rings to specialist hygienic and inflatable seals.

Manufacturers of process equipment can now extend the operating capability of their original equipment by upgrading their seals, without the need for expensive component redesigns. Lower overall cost of ownership can be achieved through a combination of increased seal life and reduced process downtime. For more information see our 'Guide to elastomer seals for pharma, food & water' which can be downloaded from our website :
Perlast® FDA Grades G60S G75S G80S
Colour White White White
Hardness (°IRHD) 60 75 80
Maximum Temperature (ºC) 260 310 260
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 14.1 19.0 18.1
Elongation at Break (%) 155 237 130
Perlast® for high temperature capability Precision Polymer Engineering has expanded the scope for perfluoroelastomer seals in high temperature applications with the development of Perlast® G75B. This 78 °IRHD perfluoroelastomer offers high temperature capability combined with increased chemical resistance over other perfluoroelastomers.

Perlast® G75B can be used in applications with temperatures ranging from -15°C to +325°C (+5°F to +617°F). In addition to excellent chemical and temperature resistance and very good mechanical properties, this acid resistant perfluoroelastomer has low permeability. As a result it is less prone to swelling, leading to extended in-service performance in valves and pumps.

Material datasheets can be downloaded from our website:

Perlast® for Chemical Compatibility
The unique cross-linking system employed in all Perlast® material grades ensures compatibility against virtually all chemicals. The molecular structure of Perlast® perfluoroelastomers is very similar to PTFE providing excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance.With some competitor perfluoroelastomers, there is a trade-off between high temperature performance and chemical resistance. The range of Perlast® perfluoroelastomers combines excellent chemical resistance with thermal stability up to +325°C.

This enables users to streamline the material selection process and in many cases to rationalise onto a single grade across all applications.
Perlast® Standard Grades
Grade Description Colour Hard-ness
Max Operating
G75B General purpose,
high temperature grade
Black 78 -15ºC/+5ºF +325ºC/+617ºF
G75H High temperature grade White 74 -15ºC/+5ºF +320ºC/+608ºF
G75S Food/Pharma grade – FDA,
USP Class VI & 3A
White 75 -15ºC/+5ºF +310ºC/+590ºF
G80A Chemical resistant grade Black 80 -15ºC/+5ºF +260ºC/+500ºF
Perlast® Special Grades
Grade Description Colour Hard-ness
Max Operating
G60A General purpose,
high temperature gradeGeneral purpose grade
Black 60 -15ºC/+5ºF +260ºC/+500ºF
G70A General purpose grade Black 70 -15ºC/+5ºF +260ºC/+500ºF
G90A General purpose grade Black 90 -10ºC/+14ºF +260ºC/+500ºF
G75G Colour-coded grade Green 75 -15ºC/+5ºF +310ºC/+590ºF
G60S Food/pharma grade – FDA & FCN White 60 -15ºC/+5ºF +260ºC/+500ºF
G80S Food/pharma grade – FDA & FCN White 80 -15ºC/+5ºF +260ºC/+500ºF
G71H PTFE blend for improved dynamic performance White 70 -15ºC/+5ºF +310ºC/+590ºF
G81T   Black 80 -15ºC/+5ºF +310ºC/+590ºF



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