PTFE article

PTFE O-rings
PTFE - Encapsulated O-rings
PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene

PTFE is a fluorinated plastic material. It is noted for its almost universal resistance to chemicals, wide temperature range (-100ºC to + 250ºC), extremely low coefficient of friction, physiological suitability and almost unlimited resistance to ozone, weathering and ageing.

Solid PTFE O-rings are far less elastic than elastomer O-rings, which means they are difficult to install (the installation space usually has to be split), and they tend to "flow", especially at high temperatures. This is why slotted PTFE O-rings and PTFE-encapsulated elastomer O-rings are used. The position of the gap (pure PTFE O-rings) or of the joint or overlap (PTFE-encapsulated O-rings) is determined here, depending on the particular application.

O-Rings Material

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