VMQ (Silicone) article

VMQ - silicone rubber / trade name e.g. Silopren® (Bayer)

Silicone Rubbers are noted for its wide thermal range and excellent resistance to ozone, weathering and ageing. Compared with other elastomers, silicone's mechanical properties are on the low side. Generally, silicone materials are physiologically harmless; they are also used by the food and medical industries.

The standard silicone material can be applied at temperatures from -55ºC to +200ºC and is resistant to water (up to 100ºC), alphatic engine and transmission oils, animal and plant oils and fats.

Silicone is generally not resistant to fuels, aromatic mineral oils, steam (short term up to 120ºC possible), silicone oils and greases, acids and alkalis.

O-Rings Material

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