FPM ( Viton) article

FPM - fluoro rubber /
trade name e.g Viton® (Du Point-Dow Elastomers)

FPM materials are noted for their very high resistance to temperatures and chemicals. Other key benefits are its excellent resistance to ageing and ozone, very low gas permeability (excellent for vacuum application) and the fact that it is self-extinguishing.

The standard FPM material for O-rings has excellent resistance to mineral oils and greases, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, fuels, non-inflammable hydraulic pressure fluids HFD and many organic solvents and chemicals.

In addition to the standard FPM materials, a number of special compounds with different compositions of polymer chains and varying fluoro-contents (65% to 71%) are developed for special applications.

FPM is generally not resistant to hot water, steam, polar solvents, glycol-based brake fluids and low-molecular organic acids.

O-Rings Material

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